(April 18 ’15) NBA2K15 Tournament (NBA 2K15) Xbox One, Washington, DC: Capital Liga de Futbol


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Saturday, April 18 at 1:00pm, NBA 2K15 Tournament

The Laughing Man
1306 G St NW, Washington, District of Columbia 20005

Got game? Test your Xbox ONE NBA2K15 skills against the best of the best in the DC Metro Area!

Entry Fees:
– Venue Fee: $5* (Part of the venue fee will be going towards the Extra Life Chapter in D.C. to help support the Children’s National Medical Center)
– Entry Fee: $10

≤ 32 Entrants
1st: 75%
2nd: 25%

Age Limit: There is no age limit BUT Everyone who wishes to drink alcoholic beverages ANYWHERE INSIDE THE EVENT AREA must be 21+ for alcohol consumption. Anyone who is not 21+, will not be served alcoholic beverages. No drugs or underage drinking will be tolerated. Underage alcohol consumption: If you are caught giving alcohol to anyone underage, or if you are underage and caught consuming alcohol, you will be removed & banned from the event and can face criminal charges.

Nearest Metro Stop: Metro Center (Red, Orange & Blue Line). The bar is near the corner of 13th and G.

Rules & Regulations

** Game Play Settings **
• Skill: Hall of Fame
• Game Style: Default
• Game Speed: Players Choice or Default
• Updated Rosters
• Skunk Rule: 21 – Up by 21 points, Game is over!
• Game Sliders: Default
• NBA Rules: Default
• Coach Profile: Players Choice or Default
• Coach Settings: Players Choice or Default
• Action Replays: Never
• Free Throw Help: Off
• Injuries: On
• Fatigue: On

** Tournament Format **
• Single Elimination
• $15 Re-Buy available for the first round only. (Depending on the amount of participants)

** Match Times **
• Quarter Length: 3 minute quarters
• Semi-Finals: 4 minute quarters
• Final: 5min quarters

** Tournament Rules **
• Brackets will be randomized before the tournament starts.
• Original Teams are only allowed during our NBA2K15 Tournament. Special teams/Throwbacks are NOT allowed.
• Flipping a coin will determine who has home.
• Players will be granted two minutes to make any changes before the game and at halftime. This means you will have the opportunity to make subsitiutions or update your audibles.
• If you are losing by 21 points at any time during the game, GAME IS OVER!
• Controller rentals are available. Please make sure to provide an ID and $5 for the rental. ID’s will be returned once we have our controller back.
• Cheating is strictly prohibited! Please pause the game and call over the commissioner if you feel there has been an infraction during the game.
• If the system freezes at any time during your game. Please let the commissioner know and we will handle the situation fairly.
• Flash drives, memory cards, or removable storages are NOT allowed
• Coaching players will NOT be allowed.

** Sportsmanship **
• Sportsmanship is encouraged during and after every game.
• Trash talking should be in good nature. Please do not use any racial or hateful words towards others.
• Threats of/or physical violence will not be tolerated and will result in an immediate ejection.
• No interruptions or walking in front of TV’s while matches are in progress.
• Frustrations are to be let out elsewhere without drawing any attention.
• Any behavior deemed inappropriate by fellow members and/or organizers will be addressed immediately.
• Do not tamper with or steal Capital Liga de Futbol equipment. VIOLATORS WILL BE PROSECUTED
• Sportsmanship is encouraged during and after every game.
• We are not responsible for any lost, stolen, or damaged property owned by tournament players/spectators.
• All Rules & Regulations are subject to change at any time, and our staff will ALWAYS have the final say so.
• There will be NO REFUNDS!

A couple of things: First, we’ve been asked this question a few times, so I’ll answer it here and add it to the event description: Even though this event will be held in a bar, there is NO age limit! The Laughing Man is not only a bar, but a restaurant also, and participants of all ages are welcome!

Also, our event will be running alongside a couple of other gaming related activities. In addition to the NBA2K15 event, our friends over at D.C. Esports will be hosting a SuperSmash Bros event. If you’re interested in their Smash Bros 4 event, definitely check out their page at https://www.facebook.com/DCeSportsLANs?fref=nf

As we mention in the description about the venue fee, representatives of the Extra Life chapter in D.C. are planning to attend. Extra Life does great things for local hospitals and we support their cause!

Written by: Greg B.


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