(Aug 29 ’15) DMV Madden Elite Tourney Qualifier #1: Washington, D.C.: WeGotLeagues & Shopmaster


DMV Madden Elite Tourney Qualifier #1: by WeGotLeagues & Shopmaster
Saturday, August 29, 2015 from 1:00 PM to 7:30 PM (EDT)
Parlay Sports Lounge, Washington, DC
Registration Starts at 12pm / Tournament Starts at 1pm
1827 M St NW, Washington, DC 20036
(202) 833-6232

Register on EventBrite HERE: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/dmv-madden-elite-tourney-qualifier-1-tickets-17935799459

Entry Fees
Online Registration – Save $5 Coupon (Ends 8/28) *not a tournament pass
Walk-Ins: $25
Controller Rental: $5 (Please bring ID if you plan to rent a controller)

1st: ~ 50% of Prize Pool
2nd: ~30% of Prize Pool

Game Settings
First Round: 3 minute quarters
All other rounds: 4 minute quarters
Skill: All Madden
Custom Audibles: 3 minutes to set before each game
Weather: Clear
Playbook: Any Madden
Accelerated Clock: On
Camera: Standard
Defensive graphics: Off
kick arc: Off
No memory cards or saved games allowed
Skunk Rule – If a team is winning by at least 21 points before the 4th quarter is a win
No rules for hurry up and position changes
A coin flip will be held prior to each game to decide which team is home/away.

Points Sytem
1st Place: 100 points
2nd Place: 80 points
3rd Place: 60 points
All entrants will receive 20 points for entering the tourney.
Points are accumulated to earn spots in our final tournament of the year with bigger prizes!

Team Selection
All rosters will be the most up-to-date as of the night before the tournament.
Players may choose any of the current 32 NFL teams. All-star/Fantasy teams are prohibited.
General Rules
All games will be played on the XBOX One console
BYOC – Bring Your Own Controller.

We will have a limited supply of controllers for $5 for use during the tournament. You must bring an ID as collateral until the controller is returned.
It is the responsibility of the players to be present for their games. Players will have a 5 minute grace period from when their match is first called to show up to their assigned station. If a player is not there after the 5 minutes, the Tournament Organizers reserve the right to disqualify said player.

Conduct Rules
Parlay is a sports bar and inherently, there will be alcohol readily available for those who wish to partake. With that said, no under-aged drinking will be tolerated – NO EXCEPTIONS! Breaking this rule will result in ejection from the tournament and venue.
There will be NO smoking in the tournament area.
Cheating will not be tolerated – any sign of cheating will result in forfeit from the tournament.
Fighting will result in ejection from the tournament area and a lifetime ban from this and future events held by the organizers.
Be respectful of your opponents, to the organization, and to the venue that’s hosting. While we will have our own area, keep the cursing and insults to a minimum. There is nothing wrong with getting hyped up, we encourage it, but keep it within reason.

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Written by: Greg B.


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