(Jan 9-10 ’15) Smash Bros Monthly Tournament, Arbutus, Maryland: Xanadu Games


See official Facebook page HERE:

January 9 – January 10
Jan 9 at 5:00pm to Jan 10 at 10:00pm

Xanadu Games
3921 Vero Rd Suite B, Arbutus, Maryland 21227


Xanadu is hosting it’s first ever 2 day event (it’s really just a glorified sleepover) next weekend, on January 9th-10th. Come friday, have a smash fest (there will be dedicated setups for casual matches all evening long) and participate in some fun events before you prepare for the saturday main event, which features Doubles, Quarters, and singles! And as usual, our singles events feature round-robin pools, so you’ll get plethora of experience coming out.

Why are these standout events?

– Top T.O.s on the east coast T.O.ing the vent
– Always the best players in Maryland and Virginia and Delaware coming through
– Top quality livestream with recorded matches
– Round Robin pools give you more chances to play
– Amateur Bracket gives everyone a chance to move on
– Mii fighters will now be legal, per apex rules
– Can sleepover at the venue, or smash all night, or come during the day, whichever you prefer
– Tons of food nearby, Wawa, Wendys, Chic-Fil-A, Sorrentos Pizza, Bruce Lee chinese, McDonalds

Here are the basics:


Registration for all events closes about 10 minutes before the event starts. Make sure you’re early.

5pm- Venue Opens, all event signups are open
8pm- Amiibo + You Doubles Begins
10pm- Amiibo Singles Begins

12am- Smooth Lander + Heavy mode singles (32 man cap, only will have 2 setups)
2am- Xanadu door locks, unlocks at 9am
12:30pm- 2v2 RR pools begins
1:30pm- 2v2 Final Bracket begins
3pm- 4v4 begins
5:30pm- 1v1 RR pools begins
7:30pm- 1v1 Final Bracket begins


1st: 48%
2nd: 22%
3rd: 14%
4th: 8%
5th: 4%
5th: 4%

Amiibo Singles/Amiibo Doubles/Doubles/Smooth Lander Payouts:

1st: 60%
2nd: 30%
3rd: 10%

4v4 Payouts:

1st: 75%
2nd: 25%

For detailed rules, see below:


Written by: Greg B.


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