(March 12 ’16) Glitch Wii U Smash Tournament, Arbutus, Maryland: Xanadu Games & VGBootcamp


Saturday, March 12 at 10:00 AM – 11:59 PM
Xanadu Games
3921 Vero Rd, Ste B, Arbutus, Maryland 21227

Graphics by SuperTurtle: www.twitter.com/superturtle

What is Glitch?

Glitch is a special type of tournament that will be held at Xanadu, a Wii U only event. The name is something that comes from breaking away from the system, so many regional and large tournaments these days won’t take the risk of hosting Wii U on it’s own, it’s always along side Melee. Glitch aims to not just bring a Wii U exclusive tournament that can hold its own, but specialize in all the things that make Wii U a unique game and surpass the experience you might get elsewhere.

Additionally, it breaks the mold by being a 1 day tournament, that will feature multiple events featured all in one single day of action.

Confirmed events:

Singles (1v1, 2 stock, 6 minutes, no customization)
Doubles (2v2, 3 stock, 6 minutes, no customization)
Low Tier Singles (1v1, 2 stock, 6 minutes, no customization)
Custom Singles (1v1, 3 stock, 6 minutes, customization allowed, liberal stage list)


10:00am – Pools Wave A
12:00pm – Pools Wave B
2:00pm – Pools Wave C
4:00pm – Pools Wave D
6:00pm – Doubles Top 8
7:00pm – Low Tier Top 16
8:00pm – Custom Singles Top 16
9:00pm – Singles Top 16

Obviously, there will be overlap between the 4 events, so as we get closer to the conclusion of one event, those people will be freed up for the next event. The longer we go, the less overlap we’ll have.

Also, we will have at least an additional recording setup to catch the matches we can’t stream as we have to stream top 8’s for 4 tournaments in 6 hours.



$10 – Early bird discount for the first week
$15 – After Early bird through 2/14
$20 – Last minute registration 2/15-21


$10 Entry for Smash for Wii U Singles
$10 Entry per person for Smash for Wii U Doubles
$5 Entry per person for Low Tier Singles
$5 Entry per person for Custom singles

Each person is limited to only 3 events total. This is a constraint that needs to be done due to time and space limitations. Additionally, each event will have a cap:

Wii U Singles: 192
Wii U Doubles: 64 teams (128 people)
Low Tier Singles: 128
Custom Singles: 128

Written by: Greg B.


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