(Monthly) League of Legends Tournament, Fairfax, VA: The Cave Gaming Center


The Cave Gaming Center Monthly League of Legends Tournament!

Find details and up to date info HERE: https://www.facebook.com/TheCaveFairfax/events

The Cave Fairfax
10621 Braddock Rd, Ste B, Fairfax, Virginia 22032

– Venue Fee: $10
– Event Fee: $50 per team (or $10 per entrant)
– Total : $20.00 per player (or $100 for a full 5 man team)

Tournament Format
– Double-elimination bracket.
– Each match will be best 2 out of 3
– Each match in Top 8 will be Best 3 out of 5 (if time allows)

– 8 entrants or less – 60% / 30% / 10%
– 16 entrants or less – 50% / 25% / 15% / 10%
– 32 entrants or less – 48% / 24% / 12% / 8% / 4% / 4%

Venue Opens @ 10:00am

Registratrion begins @ 10:30am
Registration ends @ 12:00pm
Stream Begins @ 12:15pm
Tournament Starts @ 12:30pm

General Gameplay Rules
– Any external issues found mid-game is your team’s responsibility. If you need to Pause : do so, but it could result in a penalty if your team is found guilty of unfair play
– Coaching mid-match is banned.

General rules

– Tournament format: 5v5
– Match winner: The team that destroys the opponents Nexus, or if the opponent chooses to forfeit the match (/ff).
– A team must consist of a minimum of 5 players and maximum 7 players (two backup players), and all the players have to be Present @ The Cave

Match settings
– Game mode: Tournament Draft.
– Map: Summoner’s Rift.
– Server: NA

– First pick will be decided by coin toss in the main tournament by the Team Captains
– Tournament Draft MUST be chosen in the game options when the match is created.

Important rules
– The team captains are responsible for setting up the game and making sure that the opponent’s Captain and TG
Admins get the game name and their team is present
– When the match is over, the team Captains will announce the results to the local tournament organizer
– If any issues should occur before first blood or the three-minute mark, the game will be paused and the local Tournament Organizer will determine if a remade game is nessesary. The opponent team shall be notified right away.
– If anything happens with the server, making it so the game can’t continue, the team Captains must contact the local tournament organizer right away.
– The team Captains are expected to read and understand all of the LoL rules, and inform their players of the rules.
– Show good sportsmanship. (See Item: Gentleman’s Rules)
– Admins, staff, and tournament organizers are above the rules and will have the last say in any issue that may occur.
– All participants in the tournament must have a minimum of 6 champions to play

Tournament Draft
– Abuse and exploitation
– Bug exploiting: Exploiting known or newly discovered bugs during the game will result in disqualification of the exploiting team.
+ Definition of bugs:
• Any exploit that will give one of the teams an unfair advantage.
• Anything that makes the game crash or stop

– Warning: After one (1) warning has been given, the game will continue. If a team receives more than one (1) warning during a game, the team will be disqualified from the tournament.
– Game loss: If a team receives any punishment for a minor offense they will get a loss by default, no matter the result of the game.
– Disqualifications: A team that gets disqualified will be thrown out of the tournament

Purposely Disconnecting
– Any player that has disconnected from the client without reconnecting, with the intention to get a remake of the game, will get his/her team a loss by default.

Gentleman rules
The Cave crew advices everyone to follow these rules, even though it is not imposed.
– Disconnected players shall not be attacked
– No distasteful typing in all chat, trash-talking or unnecessary chat
– You must not be involved in any kind of intimidating behaviour, either in or out of the game.
– Be a good winner and a good loser

– If an Admin says the game should be remade, it will be remade.
– If a player is AFK during champion selection, his/her pick will be announced before the game is remade.
– If a remake occurs, the game settings will be Blind pick, and all the players must pick the same champions as were picked before the remake.
– If the teams gets the wrong side (Blue/Purple) the game will be remade and the same champions will be picked.
– The game can be remade if any if these issues should occur:
• The game crashes
• The game hangs
• Server spikes
• Streams goes offline
• Technical issues
• Medical issues

– All of the players that are going to participate must be registered at the start of the tournament.
– Every sub-account and nick change must be registered with the tournament organizer if they are going to be used in the tournament.
– A player can’t play for two (2) teams. If this occur both teams will be disqualified

– Admins decide when the games will be played. Any team that is lacking players when a game is supposed to start will have 5 minutes to start the game. If the match cannot be start that team will receive a game loss. The opposing team can opt to utilize a bot as a sub if a sub is not present instead of taking a game loss

– Spectators will not be allowed.
– Only admins are allowed to spectate if necessary.


10621 Braddock Road, Suite B
Fairfax, VA 22032

Written by: Greg B.


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