(Sunday) Smash Tournaments, Ijamsville, Maryland: Thanks for Playing


Facebook Event Page HERE:

Website Here: http://thanksforplayingtcg.com/

Weekly Tournament Schedule beginning September 21st:
11:00 AM – Venue opens
1:00 PM – PM/Melee teams (alternating each week. If one game continues to show more teams entrants, that game will be the game I choose to keep doubles for).
2:30 PM – Melee Singles (from 2:30-4:00, the majority of setups will be allocated for the melee tournament)
4:00 PM – PM Singles (from 4:00 PM-winding down of PM bracket, majority of setups will be PM
If there is less than 8 entrants in any single event, the event will be round robin. Otherwise all brackets are double elimination.
Entry Fees:
Melee or PM doubles (alternating): $5/person
Melee singles: $5
PM singles: $5
9607 Dr Perry Rd #99, Ijamsville, MD 21754
The event is about 15 minutes south if Frederick, MD. 5 minutes off route 270.
Updates being made to rules/venue:
We will be buying 4 additional CRT TV’s to be stored at Thanks for Playing. This number will increase as tournaments increase.
SETUPS: We will reimburse your $5 venue fee. The first 4 setups that are only a console setup will get their $5 venue fee returned after the end of the final singles tournament. After the first 4 console-only setups, every additional setup will require both a console AND television to be eligible for a reimbursement of the venue fee. As tournaments grow and we get additional televisions to store at the venue, more people will get free venue for only consoles. Ideally, we can provide TV’s and people just need to bring consoles for the tournaments/venue fee reimbursements! Nobody wants to carry CRT’s…..
DRIVING: We are offering a ride-share incentive program! We know the tournament isn’t metro accessible and people may need help getting out here. The following is what we offer (this offer is not able to be stacked with bringing a setup):
Driving 3 people: Free venue fee for driver
Driving 4 people: Free venue fee for driver + one of the passengers free venue fee
THE FULL-CAR COMBO DEAL: Drive 4 people + 1 full setup = Free venue fee for driver + 2 passengers. A full setup only in this situation means a TV+Console
Anyone living in the NOVA/Metro accessible area: If you want to come but can’t find a ride I can find someone who I know to pick you up from Shady Grove Metro Station and bring you to the venue, as well as take you home, for a reasonable price. The more people who can get a ride together, the cheaper for each person. Message me and let me know what’s up and we will work something out, if you need a ride from Shady Grove.
**The venue fee is still due upon entry of the tournament for setup discounts. Your setup must stay present until the end of the final singles event to earn the venue fee reimbursement. In the event you leave prior to singles completion, your rights to a reimbursement are forfeited.
TV Numbering System:
All TV’s will be numbered during the tournament and tournament matches will be played on specific TV’s. The winner will always report their match, and they will report the TV number that they won on for T.O. knowledge. If this is not provided, I will ask for it every time.
We will be rearranging the venue to be able to comfortably fit more entrants and have good angles on TV’s. As the size grows, we will invest in a megaphone to communicate tournament matches. Along with the Challonge bracket on phones and a TV numbering system, all will be well with tournament organization.
BE ON TIME!! I will be beginning these on time moving forward…. I am going to start being punctual. These are Sundays and we all want to get home at a decent hour. I apologize in advance for the “tough shit”s that i’m gonna have to give for people who are late! I will let attendance suffer for a constant schedule. Consistency and reliability in the long term breeds more success than catering in the short term.
Stream: I am reaching out to a couple different streamers in the area. I’m going to look into streaming as many of these as possible and if I can work something out with an area streamer we will make it consistent.
I am going to begin soliciting at local colleges in the central-western Maryland area. There are active communities in the area but they have yet to be tapped into. I will be creating business cards and passing them out at the colleges as well as at other tournament venues for our Sunday events!
An e-mail list will be implemented beginning 09/21/14 with updates being sent for tournaments in the area! Thanks for Playing, and other events in the area included. You will have the choice to subscribe to this mailing list for periodic updates of smash events in the area. At the beginning of each tournament, the bracket will be mailed to all participating entrants so it may be instantly view-able from mobile devices/viewers watching.
Previous results:
09/07/14 PM singles: (18 entrants)
Supreme Champion: Boss
Worthy Adversary: Seagull
Maybe Next Time: Apex | Nintendude
4th place: TC1
5th place tie: DP
7th place tie: Fortune
Crescent Monkey
9th place tie: Logic
13th place tie: ScanmasterB
17th place tie: Besh
09/07/14 Melee singles: (8 entrants)
1. Nintendude
2. DP
3. Plank
4. ScanmasterB
5. Besh
6. Mav
7. Leaf
8. Black Magic
09/07/14 PM Teams (5 entrants)
1. Joe Raucher
2. Boss+DP
3. Plank+Nintendude
4. Icy Hot
5. Command Grab
Results will be tracked and used for future seeding purposes. I will make a Smashboards thread for the events soon.
If you have any additional questions, please let me know.

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Written by: Greg B.


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