(April 11 ’15) Smash Tournament @ Xanadu April Monthly 2: Wii U & PM, Arbutus, Maryland: Xanadu Games


More info on their Facebook event page HERE:

Saturday April 11th, 2015: 11am – 9pm

Xanadu Games
3921 Vero Rd Suite B, Arbutus, Maryland 21227


We welcome you to another installment of the Monthly Xanadu series. This month we will again feature two monthlies, and this one is for Wii U and PM on April 11th.

Why should you attend Smash @ Xanadu monthly?

– World Class T.O. staff, running the event efficiently and quickly with no issues
– Round Robin pool play in both singles and doubles, maximizing the amount of people you play against
– Amateur bracket for Singles, for those who don’t advance , they still have a chance to advance
– Great location with food that delivers
– World class talent from in region and out of region will be on hand
– Xanadu points used for seeding the top 16, your points from the events in March could allow you to sneak past pool play
– Top 6 payout in singles, maximzing your chance to profit from the event
– All of the top 6 matches are best of 5 sets, giving you more higher level action
– Beautiful MD weather in April- if the weather is nice enough we may setup the grill like the FGC monthly
– We will be giving away beautiful smash artwork for those who bring a setup to the venue
– Xanadu already has several dedicated PM setups in house, meaning you can arrive and play

For detailed rules, please see this thread:

Full Schedule:

11am- Venue Opens/All Registration opens
12:30pm- Project M Singles Pools Begin
1:30pm- Smash Wii U Singles Pools Begin
3:00pm- Project M Doubles Begin
4:30pm- Smash Wii U Doubles Begin
6:00pm- Project M Singles Bracket Begins
7:00pm- Smash Wii U Singles Bracket Begins
9pm- Tournament completed


$10 Venue fee (First 4 console setups per game will receive $5 venue off)
$10 Per Person Doubles ($20 per team)
$10 Singles Entry per event

Prize Payouts:

Singles Payouts:

1st: 48%
2nd: 22%
3rd: 14%
4th: 8%
5th: 4%
5th: 4%

Doubles Payouts:

1st: 60%
2nd: 30%
3rd: 10%

Written by: Greg B.


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