(Feb 13 ’15) Smash Tournament, RiverTown Rumble (RRXVII), Richmond, VA: RVA


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Friday, February 13th 2015 at 6:00pm – 11:00pm

Last Friday RRXVI had over 30 entrants with Melee including 24 of them. So far the largest turn out for Rivertown Rumble yet. Let’s aim for 40+ entrants this week!

This Friday the 13th RRX7 line up will feature Melee Singles/Doubles and a Smash 4 $1 tournament. Smash 4 is only $1 to encourage more players to enter and help boost the scene.

Melee – Alex Marshall
Project M – Alex/Greg
Smash 4 – Greg Warden

1000 Floyd Ave, Mcalc VCU

Last tournament we finished by moving the finals over to Greg’s, but we could of finished at Mcalc if we started on time. If you’re going to show up please do so by 7pm.
Registration starts from 6pm – 7pm.
Tournaments begin at 7pm.

Melee Singles $5
Melee Doubles $5/$10 per team
Smash 4 Singles $1

Prize Payouts:
1st – 70%
2nd – 30%
3rd – $5 entry fee return

Melee rule set:
– 4 stock
– 8 minute timer
– Items are set to “off” and “none”
– All sets are best 2 of 3 games and the finals are 3 of 5 games.
– In the event of a game running to time, the winner is determined first by stocks, then % if the stocks are tied.

Smash 4 rule set:
– 2 stock
– 6 minute timer
– Custom Fighters are set to “off”

Melee starter stages:
Yoshi’s Story
Fountain of Dreams (Banned in Doubles)
Final Destination
Dream Land 64

Melee counterpick stages: (1 stage ban)
Pokemon Stadium (Starter in Doubles)
Kongo Jungle 64 (Only in Doubles)

Smash 4 starter stages:
Final Destination (Omega Stages counterpick)

Smash 4 counterpick stages: (2 stage ban)
Castle Siege
Delfino Plaza
Duck Hunt
Lylat Cruise
Town & City

Written by: Greg B.


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