(Feb 21 ’15) February LAN, CS:GO, DOTA 2, League of Legends (LoL), Starcraft 2 (SC 2): Reston, Virginia: DC Area eSports LAN Group

DC esports Lan Party Feb15

More details HERE:

Bechtel Conference Center @ ASCE
1801 Alexander Bell Drive, Reston, VA

Separate registration required. BYOC, 10AM, $20, as many matches as possible, cash prizes and more!!!

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Starcraft 2 – Tournament Registration
League of Legends – Draft Tournament Registration
CSGO – Team Member Registration [closed]
CSGO – Draft Player Registration [closed]

CSGO – Team Tournament
– Upper Div, $500
– Lower Div, Comped Entry Fee ($100)

Starcraft 2
– 1v1 Tournament, $200
– 2v2 Tournament, Comped Entry Fee (up to $40)

League of Legends
– Draft Tournament, Comped Entry Fee ($100)

We want to hold tournaments and bring in high level teams and players but also want everyone to gain as much experience as possible so will never simply have double elimination tournaments. This event will have groups, double elimination brackets and round-robin scrims available for teams/competitors eliminated during bracket play.

10 AM !!!

The goal from here on out will be to have everything setup (possibly overnight) and ready to go at 10 AM then get events started as soon as possible. No power issues, no server issues, no team creation issues. Just get in and get the party started. Get as much experience as possible in and any breaks and downtime should be of the planned variety

CSGO Team Tournament (Pre-made with draft option)
– Players needing teams can be assigned balanced teams that then they can work with as a starting point for future events
– Group stage, each group balanced by past-success and experience, generally groups of 4
– Top half out of groups move on to Upper division tournament for (significant?) cash prizes
– Bottom half out of groups move to Lower division tournament with winning team compensated for entry fee and possible prizes for others

* In the future teams may automatically be placed in Upper and Lower division tournaments based on past performance, then be able to move up and down based on how they do each month

Starcraft 2 Tournament
– 1v1 tournament, $200 prize pool (sponsored by PSISTORM gaming), double elimination, bo1 brackets, bo3 finals
– 2v2 tournament, online, if player at LAN wins then entry fee comped, possibly other prizes

League of Legends Draft Tournament
– Gather info for players and then create balanced teams
– Group then bracket play (no divisions for draft tourney)
– Winning team gets compensated entry fee and possible prizes for others

Tentative Schedule
includes info about only csgo match counts for now, upper and lower divisions play simultaneously. These are just estimates so we know we are on track but in reality matches will be happening continuously with small breaks for competitors between each.

8 AM to 10 AM
– event setup (if not done completely the night before)
– attendees can setup their computers when convenient but should start doing so by 10 AM

10 AM
– check-in
– group stages begin as soon as possible
(csgo bo1, generally 3 matches)

1 PM
– group stage complete
– lunch available, break briefly based on time

1:30 PM
– first round bracket play (csgo bo1)

2:30 PM
– second round bracket play (csgo bo1)

3:30 PM
– eliminated players/teams round-robin scrims (optional)
– winner/losers bracket finals (csgo bo3)

6 PM
– break briefly for dinner based on time available

6:30 PM
– GRAND FINALS (csgo bo5)

~10:30 PM
– final awards when grand finals complete
– event breakdown
(will be working with venue on extended hours option)


The non-draft team tournaments are open to both pre-made teams and individuals/groups who would like to be part of a team. The latter group will be organized into teams before the event (draft).

The group stages in the first non-draft tournament for a game will result in separation of competitors/teams into upper and lower divisions, then bracket play will begin for each division. In the future this will likely be unnecessary and competitors/teams will simply migrate up and down between divisions each month based on their performance, most staying in the same division for multiple months in a row. Group play will therefore be within the division at future events. In this way the lower division can be a welcoming place to less experience individuals and teams while the upper division can be a competitive event and become on par with many other competitive events around the country.


– Beginner CSGO Bootcamp (maybe other games as well) for entry fee of only $10, try to get 5-10 people, offer instruction, drills and group matches throughout the day then the opportunity for some to sub in on lower division teams in need of players (contact the host on meetup if interested)

– Accessories Rental for like $5 each (or some group deal) so people can try out a nice mouse, mouse pad, keyboard or headset and then have option to buy at end of event. No one should have to use a low end or broken device all day or drive out to a store to buy one. New items marked up a bit on price and then once rented are marked down respectively – Start a Tab on your credit card of choice, add on snacks, lunch and other purchases as the day goes on and then close it out at any time or automatically when the event ends

– Spectator Room/Section where people can sit, eat, hang out, watch matches in progress on projector (especially finals), online streams, event replays and esports documentaries

– Power and Ethernet Stations/Strips that span the length of a 10-man table so everyone can plug in without the tangle of wires or cable length concerns

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Written by: Greg B.


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