(Nov 7 ’15) Halo 5 2v2/FFA Tournament, Fredericksburg, VA: Sage Mantis Game Haven


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Halo 5 2v2/FFA Tournament, Fredericksburg, VA
Saturday, November 7 at 2:00pm

Halo 5 Tournament:

Price –
Venue fee $10
2v2 $10
Free for all $5

Information – Once the biggest competitive video game played on the circuit, Halo has had its ups and downs. We used to have lans/tournaments every weekend and want to get back to this point. The rebirth of a great game! With the release of halo 5 We are announcing our first tournament .

This tournament will be run as a double elimination bracket through Challonge.com and streamed through Sage Mantis Game Haven’s twitch.tv. It will be a 2v2 style tournament where teams of 2 take on each other for cash prizes! The game settings will be announced after the game is released (October 27th). We currently have 6 Xbox ones available and will have 3 copies of Halo 5.

If players bring their xbox one and halo 5 or just their copy of halo 5 we will discount their venue fee to $5 making the total to enter $15 ($5 venue $10 prize pool).

Team List:

1) 3 or more squids aren’t a squad:
Riot Shock (David Fernandes)
Creepy Trash (Brad McKeen)

2) Team Overdrive
The Real RC (Ryan Cerwinske)
DN Prodigy (Derek Nolthstein)

3) The BloodyGang
xo K ili N G
xo Islandboy

4) Team MCC Sucks
WTH is a Kyosai
BiZ OuNce (Joshua Henry)

5) Anti-Gravity
Eli the Ninja (Eli Hensley)
Xile (Brett Akers)

6) xmonds huge dong
Tak tiks

7) Hailstorm
Smart camper

8) D.C. eSports

9) Slutty llamas
Araes on 90mg

Free Agent List:
1) Joseph G Moore
2) Heirarch (Sam Weinstein)
3) Stew0nthis (Brandon Stewart)
4) Cherry Tail (Amber Fernandes)
5) GlockkType (Logan Schmitt)
6) Daniel J Taylor
7) Parker Zapsky
8) Tony Pratt
9) mortalis deum

MESSAGE David Fernandes to register your team or register as a free agent.

Written by: Greg B.


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